This ESRC-funded* three-day workshop is intended to provide an intensive and practical introduction to prosody, its analysis and application in contemporary research. An ideal opportunity for any PhD candidate interested in linguistic and psychological analysis of voices in society. No prior knowledge of linguistics required; students from all research areas are encouraged to attend for multidisciplinary collaboration.

Prosody relates to the elements of speech, such as intonation, pitch, rhythm, stress and tempo. It plays a meaningful role in everyday conversation, both pragmatic and social. It can be formative in the construction of identity – gender, sexuality, regional, national and cultural background – and as such is relevant to research in any field that seeks to explore the manifestation of social meaning.

The workshop will include hands-on demonstration and methods-focused research presentations by an international group of eight leading academics. They work with prosody in a variety of ways both within the field of linguistics (including interactions with discourse) and interdisciplinarily (e.g. psychology and emotions). Teaching will start from the basics, from what is prosody and how it can be analysed – and will proceed to cover pitch, rhythm, intonation (with ToBI and scripts) and quantitative analysis. You will also learn how to use specialist software (Praat; R/R Studio) with real data.

Organisers: Elisa Passoni (PhD candidate), Andy Law (PhD candidate), Dr Esther de Leeuw, Queen Mary University of London

Header image design by Kim Bumstead and Elisa Passoni.

* attendance is free, inclusive of light refreshments